Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introduction: International Students at Murray State University's College of Education and Human Services

The College of Education and Human Services at Murray State University blends formal and non-formal education programs to prepare students for a variety of careers in fields like social work, communication disorders, environmental education and criminal justice. Classes are small and provide international students with an excellent multi-disciplinary education.

The criminal justice program prepares students for careers in policing, corrections, victim services, law and research. The program also has a criminal justice student association called Lambda Alpha Epsilon that allows students to learn and network in their field.

The communication disorders program integrates the academic and clinical programs to give students the ability to observe and practice clinical theories in the classroom. Students learn to use state-of-the-art equipment and practice working in speech and hearing clinics.

The recreation and leisure services program trains students to work in youth programming, commercial recreation, resorts, tourism or camps. Students are encouraged to participate in internships and get involved in the community to gain experience in this rewarding career.

The social work programs give students the opportunity to make a difference by helping communities, organizations, groups, families and individuals in fields like geriatrics, health care, child welfare and physical or developmental disabilities. 

The nonprofit leadership studies program prepares the next generation of nonprofit sector leaders to help people around the world. This program is very diverse, and students learn about issues related to health services, education, social and legal services, civic and environmental advocacy, international relations and development, arts and culture, and human services. Students have the opportunity to work with local groups and communities to get hands-on experience in their fields.

International students in the College of Education and Human Services at Murray State get an excellent education that prepares them for a variety of fields and disciplines. This blog will document some of the exciting things that graduate and undergraduate international students are doing.